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Why Stories

Because everyone is unique. Likewise, every business must have an authentic way of presenting themselves with what they are selling. By simply conveying the message consistently, a business has a brand / brand. This Blog & Instagram was built to share ideas on how to tell your own story. Our founder shares his journey and tips from his years of experience and knowledge for our partners at Uncover Bali to put this social trading platform to good use.


* Having a website that link to social media where brand story can be easily updated
* Consistent brand story

* Find the right clients
* Give extra value to the commodity

* Post stories regularly on your social media build personal brand
* Better of making memorable impression to audience to remember the brand

* About making memorable and convincing story
* A strong ending to conclude the buyer to buy after watching
* How to structure the video story that sells

* Why Uncover Bali can help stories from your social media to be converted to buy
* The feature program helps to be uncovered
* The film program helps to enhance the brand value


Personal Shopper (Whatsapp)

Helping Bali Through Buying

Bali need a new way to earn money due to the lack of job opportunity in tourism. Uncover Bali is committed to help setting up  online business no matter the size of the company, retail or individual. We are a story-based marketplace with the concept of telling stories in copywriting or video-making to promote the products & services