Discovering The True Benefits of Doing Yoga

Updated: Feb 3

Who is yoga for?

To tell you the truth, you don’t have to be hugely into yoga to get the benefits of doing it. You don’t have to go to fancy studios and do some difficult yoga poses. Well, if your goal of doing it is for the ‘gram’ then you might as well do that. Nonetheless, as long as you are willing to roll out your yoga mat and do some yoga exercises that best suit you, you could have the benefits. Yoga is for everyone.

However, even if yoga is for everyone, there are some certain type of people which are more drawn into it.

“I had an incident about 11-12 years ago with my eye. It was a cataract but I only have one good eye and the cataract was in my good eye. It was the kind of cataract that made you couldn’t go outside and I love light. All of a sudden It was blurry. I couldn’t go outside.The doctor wouldn’t operate because I only had one good eye. I thought I was going to be blind. I thought I might never see again. It triggered every fear that I had. So I was doing yoga then. I just continued. It was just one of those things that kept happening. I kept going to yoga, going to yoga, doing meditation. And that’s really helps me get through it.” Sheila, Owner of Ubud Yoga House.

“Which is what I find in a lot of my students. A lot of people I would say go to yoga because of some health problems, crisis in their life, transitions. and for some reasons, yoga draws people like that. It’s healing but people come without knowing it. I was married before I left for my trip. First yoga class that I did was because I was separating. I was in a crisis then. For some reasons I went to yoga class and I have no idea why. We find that people come to yoga and they don’t really know why. I see it in my studio.” She adds.


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