A whole week with full of love to explore bali with campervan

A whole week with full of love to explore bali with campervan

Rent Period
Car Option
Outdoor BBQ Equipment
Extra Additional Tent

Believe it or not, couples are the people who do roadtrip the most. Thus, this is a great idea for couples who wish to enjoy companionship while doing adventures together. From cooking together to tasting the first coffee while watching sunrise together, those moments are memorable. Nothing beats with sharing memories with people who are going to live forever and can continuously bring back the same moments in their life.

This package is perfect for people who wishes to enjoy a slow pace of travelling and exploring Bali.

  • This is a voucher for Campervan Rental for 6 days 5 night

    In this package, you will get 1 APV car that is equipped with the following
    1. Comfortable bed for 2 people
    2. (Solar) Electricity up to 1000 watts with 100Ah long lasting battery
    3. Mini kitchen & portable stove
    4. Water supply up to 30 litres
    5. Pillows, blankets, bedsheet, cooking utensils, cutletries for 2 people, mini fan, portable awning, bluetooth audio, wifi

    The package above does not include:
    1. Entry fee to campsite and camping spot rental fee
    2. Petrol
    3. Wood for campfire
    4. Insurance