Crispy Pork Belly dari Raf's Kitchen

Crispy Pork Belly dari Raf's Kitchen

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From young children to adults, most of them enjoy eating something with the sound of crackers. And this is the menu that's guaranteed to have such a memorable 'kriuk' (crunchiness). The crispy pork belly cracker is definitely premium class.


Although this type of fried pork dishes is not particularly Balinese, they include Balinese elements by using the base 'genep' spices, which can be found in almost all Balinese food


And also this crispy pork belly is eaten with sambal matah and fermented soybean sauce which can increase your appetite. This is a sure guarantee.

  • One (1) package of Crispy Pork Belly Bumbu Genep, weighing 500 grams, with a choice of Sambal Embe or Sambal Matah